• Fun House Mirrors

    Just wait until you see yourself in these all time favorites! Our fun house mirrors come in two styles, "double…

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  • Dig Dug Classic Arcade Game

    Dig through the dirt, score points and squash Pookas in Namco's classic 1982 arcade game, Dig Dug! Don't forget to…

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  • Whac A Mole

    "Whac-A-Mole" original two player game with authentic hydraulic driven moles. Test your eye hand coordination or just whac out those…

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  • Personalized Green Screen Magazine Covers

    What a great idea! With our custom fake magazine cover, your guests become famous immediately. Discover unique gift ideas and…

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  • Xbox 360 Game Console with Projector and Screen

    Everything you need to start your exciting Xbox experience plus more! Among our standard Xbox 360 Rental of wireless controllers…

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  • NASCAR Racing Simulator

    NASCAR racing simulator offer Real NASCAR-style "Bumper to Bumper" Racing Action in an arcade racing simulator!

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  • Pacman Classic Arcade

    A yellow, pie-shaped character named Pac-Man runs along inside a maze, eating dots as it avoids four ghosts. Each ghost…

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  • Pool Table Rental

    Whether you need one table or hundreds, we have pool tables to fit your needs. Classic bar style pool tables…

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  • Virtual Digital Graffiti Wall with Greenscreen

    Integrating our Virtual Digital Graffiti Wall with our green screen photography, this interactive experience allows you to "paint" digitally with…

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