Golf Putting Challenge II

Alternative Views:Putting-Challenge-II
Putting-Challenge-IIPutting Challenge IIPutting Challenge IICustom Signage for Putting Challenge II

Golf Putting at an awesome level.

The Putting Challenge II is an electronic golf green featuring 108 different putting configurations that will challenge the best golfers. Putt Putt golf at a higher level. Even seasoned golfers enjoy our Putting Challenge II golf game simulator!

After each hole the putting surface changes for another challenging hole. Putting Challenge II automatically keeps score and number of holes played.

  • Six 18-hole courses on three skill levels (2 Amateur and 2 Pro and 2 Championship)
  • Authentic Game Mode or Challenging Practice Green Mode
  • Voice/sound system announces player’s turn, hole number, penalty strokes, average putts per player and even cheers for a hole-in-one or teases for a 3-putt
  • Putter secured and golf ball included
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Electrical: 120v AC; 5 amps

Dimensions: 48"W x 102"L x 30"H

Players: 1

Customization: Backlit Header, Sides, Top Sign, golf balls